My Latest Work

Homeopathy and flower essences

Jo Ketteman is a homeopath who also uses Alaskan flower essences. She lectures and trains other homeopaths. She needed a website that would be accessible to clients and students and wanted live social media feeds on her homepage.

Osteopathy and complementary therapies practice

Chloe Henaghan is the practice principal at Mulberry Wellbeing. She needed a website that could grow with her team and include a range of complementary therapies.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Rachal Buller is an acupuncturist who is also trained in Chinese Medicine. Her website has specific pages for her specialisms such as cosmetic acupuncture, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

Spiritual Counselling, hypnotherapy and yoga

Shanta Thors is a spiritual counsellor, channeller, hypnotherapist, holistic healer and yoga teacher. Her website includes information about her one-on-one sessions, yoga classes and courses.

Homeopathy for people and animals

Mona Niebergall is a homeopath who treats people and animals too. Her website has a blog for her articles, as well as specific pages for people, animals and weight loss.

Theiki, reiki and art therapy

Katie Parfoot created Theiki, a new form of therapy. Theiki is a combination of art therapy with reiki healing. She needed a website to get this new therapy out in the world.

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